You are not alone.

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The diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes can feel devastating. This news brings a set of problems you never knew existed and an overwhelming wave of emotions you aren’t sure how to handle.

The Tyler Type 1 Diabetes community is here for you.


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A community that gets it.

We were formed to be the lasting and vibrant support system to serve those of you and us living in Tyler with Type One diabetes.  Over the years, we have touched hundreds of people, just like you, and we come together to form a close network of support.

You are not alone.

About Us

Tyler Type One

Diabetes Foundation 

When so much about life with T1 feels jarring and uncomfortable, TTO hopes to be a soothing balm by providing a vibrant system of continual support. We exist to provide a vibrant and lasting local support system for the Type 1 community in Tyler and East Texas through: 

  • Local Community Groups for Adults and Families
  • Diabetes 101 Courses 
  • Blessing Baskets, tangible support in your greatest time of need

We hope to better equip those with Type 1 diabetes to live longer, healthier lives and reduce the risk of complications from this invisible disease.

We serve children, teens, adults, and families living with Type 1 diabetes.

The Tyler Type One Diabetes Foundation was formed in 2009 by family and friends of the Type 1 community in Tyler, TX, to support one another in the daily challenges of living with this life long disease.

Type One Diabetes Support 

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, young, old, or have been living with T1D for years, we’ve saved a spot at the table for you.

Adult T1 Community

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and understood. We are a diverse community tethered together by T1D. You will find a group of friends where you can just be with others who get it, and you don’t have to explain yourself.

Family Community

Give yourself a place of belonging where we struggle together and celebrate our victories together. Regain your life with the support of other families like yours. You are not alone- we are ready and waiting to welcome you in.

Diabetes 101

With the expertise of our Certified Diabetes educator and the experience of veteran T1 parents, you can learn how to live well or support others in living well with type one diabetes.

Blessing Basket

SUPPORT THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED. Within 24 – 48 hours of hearing about a new diagnosis, we want to support and introduce ourselves with a blessing basket because those first few days at home can be scary. We hope you’ll know we care & know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE.

On-Demand Courses

Learn more about Type One diabetes with our on demand courses.
Our library of content is filled with helpful information to help you learn how to live with Type One diabetes and other hot topics related to the disease.

Get More Support

We are here for you. Our promise is to walk this journey alongside you and be the soothing voice of encouragement along the way.

Upcoming Events

Support is right around the corner. Check out our calendar for upcoming events that support those living with Type One diabetes.

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Diabetes is an invisible disease, and occasionally those living with Type One feel isolated and alone. Do you or a loved one live with Type One diabetes? Help is always free at Tyler Type One for those living with Type One diabetes. You don’t have to struggle alone; we are here, and we will face T1 together until there is a cure.


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