Blessing Basket

Reach. Support. Bless.

Nothing says you care like the gift of a Blessing Basket.

In November 2009, we delivered our first blessing basket to the family of a 9-month-old little girl named Faith who was diagnosed with Type One diabetes.

Blessing Baskets, described as “Hope walking in,” are our way of reaching out to those who’ve been newly diagnosed with Type One diabetes. 

The first day home after this news can be scary. We want to be there to stand in the gap.

What’s in a Blessing Basket?

When we deliver a Blessing Basket, we bring low sugar snacks, supplies, instant connection with others living with T1, and it is free to those who’ve been newly diagnosed.

We know this is a scary time, so each of our baskets are filled with items that are specifically selected for you and most importantly, chosen by veteran T1 families because they were particularly helpful in those early days.

Contact us today to learn more about Blessing Baskets or pay it forward by purchasing a Blessing Basket for a newly diagnosed patient.